All About the CBD Professionals

The initial idea behind CBD Professionals was born from mutual respect for the cannabis plant and a desire to become involved with the plant and its potential medicinal qualities.

Our first thought of selling marijuana online was (and still is) illegal, so we turned to the next best idea.

This is how was born, an online headshop designed to serve wax and concentrate lovers everywhere. Little did we know that six months into the project, Drew’s father would collapse from a seizure after a stroke; enter sudden scramble for solutions to improve his health.

After hearing about the purposed health benefits of CBD and the stories of people using it for neurological problems, it was an easy decision to try it while facing lifetime subscriptions of pharmaceuticals.

A grueling two weeks of digging through research/referrals, we ended up purchasing our CBD online; boy we are glad we did.

Who Are We?

Chris, Brian, and Drew are the CBD Professionals who bring you the very best and most affordable oils available on the market today. Never sacrifice on quality to save a couple of bucks.

We created a network of trusted manufacturers that make hemp-derived CBD products with all of the required testings and use organic + sustainable farming practices.

What you see here today is a result of our findings on what are the best CBD products, (while staying away from the worst quality ones). We’re not out here to bash anyone as there is always room to improve; however, you will NEVER find those products on our shelves.

What Are We Doing? Why?

Here at CBD Professionals LLC, we aim to provide a trusted source for our customers to buy the highest quality CBD on the market at the lowest possible prices.

Our goal is to bring 3rd party reviewing into a CBD industry that is running wild.  The best place we can start is with ourselves, so we compiled all of our research on cannabidiol products and then compared our finding with our peers.

CBD has greatly impacted our families in an extremely positive way, and we want to share our knowledge to those wanting to learn!