CBD For Cats – Treats, Dosage and More


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This full-spectrum CBD oil for cats is bonded to fish oil. Your cat will love the delicious, nutritious addition to their daily diet. When you give your cat Roxy Pets CBD Oil for Cats there are many possible benefits that could include:

  • Calmness including relief from separation anxiety
  • Better Balance and Increased Mobility
  • A fun and more playful demeanor
  • An improved appetite with better digestion
  • Relief from any joint pain or stiffness
  • Healthy skin and fur

It’s no secret that Roxy Pets CBD oil for cats can and will help!

What is a good CBD oil dosage for cats

Many veterinarians recommend 0.1–0.5mg of CBD per kg (2.2lbs) of your cat. The doses for each cat may vary depending on the specific condition your cat is suffering from, along with other considerations. Keep in mind that less can be more.

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